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Monday, April 30, 2012

Book Spotlight: The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda with Special Treat!

Don’t Sweat.  Don’t Laugh.  Don’t draw attention to yourself.  And most of all, whatever you do, do not fall in love with one of them.
Gene is different from everyone else around him.  He can’t run with lightning speed, sunlight doesn’t hurt him and he doesn’t have an unquenchable lust for blood.  Gene is a human, and he knows the rules.  Keep the truth a secret.  It’s the only way to stay alive in a world of night—a world where humans are considered a delicacy and hunted for their blood.
When he’s chosen for a once in a lifetime opportunity to hunt the last remaining humans, Gene’s carefully constructed life begins to crumble around him.  He’s thrust into the path of a girl who makes him feel things he never thought possible—and into a ruthless pack of hunters whose suspicions about his true nature are growing. Now that Gene has finally found something worth fighting for, his need to survive is stronger than ever—but is it worth the cost of his humanity? 

From Goodreads.com

Thank you Around the World ARC Tours for the copy!

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. There is so much potential and ways it could be written, but I wasn’t disappointed. Once I started reading, I had to finish to find out what happens!

The book is written from Gene’s point of view, human boy living in an inhuman world. He grew up following a set of rules, keeping his humanity a complete secret. The vampires in this book is a lot like I’ve always pictured them. Ruthless, predatory, complete animals. The contrast between Gene and the vampires was so well written, it was creepy. 
Creepy is probably the best way to describe this book. Creepy and gross. The beginning was a little slow for me, there were times where I wanted the action of the Hunt to be present, but the ending kind of made up for it. I understand the necessity of setting up the world, and once you get through that, the book takes off. 
There are lots of twist in the book that I really enjoyed. Overall, this was a great read! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book, where Andrew takes his characters. This world is dark, real, and terrifying, written to keep you up at night. If you like creepy you will like this book. This book comes out May 8th! Let me know what you think! 

Special treat for you guys! Macmillan Audio sent me a clip from their audio book. Enjoy! 

What do you think? 
Happy reading, 

Friday, April 27, 2012

In My Mailbox #37: The One With Bloopers Because I'm Dauntless!

Hello lovelies,
Yes, its time for another IMM and yes I might be a bit of a dork in this one. But I decided to be brave and share the madness with you anyway! :-)

Special thanks to: 
Kristin at YA Fusion 
Michelle Zink 

If you're interested in signing up for my Blog Tour: 

What is in your mailbox? 

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blog Tour Sign Up!!

Hello lovelies,

Let me just start out by saying thank you to all of you for your wonderful support and encouragement!! You guys have been so wonderful and I want to hug you all! I know I've been slacking in posts on here lately (except for IMMs and reviews) but I'm trying to get back into posting things about my own writing and other writer related things. However, as you can see by the title of this blog, this is not that.
Simplicity re-release is super close (I'll be announcing that as soon as I can) but in the meantime let's talk about the Blog Tour!!
I've never done one for my own book before but I love participating in such things and I thought you would to! Below is a form to fill out if you'd like to be part of the tour. I'll be putting together a list and giveaways soon, so sign up!!
The tour will probably (depending on when the book releases) run at the end of May beginning of June!

Once again, thank you all for your support and encouragement! Hugs! 

Much love, Valia

Monday, April 23, 2012

Book Spotlight: Destined by Aprilynne Pike

Laurel now knows the truth: Yuki is a rare Winter faerie, the most powerful—and deadly—of all, and she is working with Klea to conquer and destroy Avalon. With Tamani, David, and Chelsea by her side, Laurel prepares for a fight she never thought she would have to face.

Filled with heart-pounding action, sweeping romance, and higher stakes at every turn, Destined is the series conclusion that readers have been clamoring for—with a twist that will leave them breathless.

From goodreads.com

If you haven’t read the first 3 books, run away! 

I received this book as part of the blog tour for Around the World ARC tours and I couldn’t wait to get started. 
Destined picks up right where Illusions left off. The gang finally discovered who Yuki is and are now holding her captive. So much happens in this book, from bloody fighting to emotional roller coasters. All of the main characters are present and are in for a battle of their lives. Aprilynne brings in certain aspects of a known legend and makes it her own. I really enjoyed this aspect of the story, and love how it was written. Tamani and Laurel’s relationship continues to grow, as her relationship with David and Chelsea. 
This book is fast paced and takes place in a matter of a day. Full of action, sword fighting, and unbreakable friendships, Aprilynne concludes the series with a bang. There are a few aspects of the story that I wished turned out differently, but in the end, some things are necessary. I was sad to see this series go. Can’t wait to read what else Aprilynne has in store for us! 
Destined comes out May 1st! 
Happy reading, 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

In My Mailbox #36: The One with the Special Surprise!

Hello darlings!
You guess it, it's time for In My Mailbox!

"I'm super excited!" I don't even realize how often I say that!
Hope you enjoy! ;-) 
Special thanks to: 
Hyperion publishing 
Totally forgot! I received some swag from the awesome Bethany Griffin! Thanks! :-) 

What's in your mailbox? 

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shower of Books Giveaway Hop

Hello lovelies,
It's giveaway time!

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Now do some hopping around and visit these other awesome blogs! 

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Reading for a Cure: Special Guest post by Diane Alberts

Hello lovelies, 
Today I have a special guest on the blog, one you've met before. Please welcome Diane Alberts as she talks about this awesome program, Reading for a Cure!
So, every month, the wonderful owners of Decadent Publishing put up a book that is dedicated as the Read For a Cure Book of the Month. What does that mean, exactly? Well, it means that all of the publisher proceeds earned off of the sale of KILL ME TOMORROW during April will be donated to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life program.
KILL ME TOMORROW was the first book I ever published, and you can read it—while helping to find a cure for the horrible disease that is cancer. It’s win/win, right? Read below for the blurb and a short excerpt, and then maybe think about buying it for a good cause.
Happy Reading!

Jasmine Baruch is a jinn—a supernatural being who fights demons with fire. While that's difficult enough, she's got bigger problems. She’s a virgin, and in the jinn culture, that is sheer blasphemy. Jinn are supposed to be passionate, promiscuous creatures—everything she isn't. Due to marry the next day, she takes matters into her own hands by using 1Night Stand. But, like the rest of her life, nothing is easy. The man chosen for her, though incredibly gorgeous, is a demi-sanguine; a half-human, half-demon--her enemy.

Gavin Werbato is looking for an easy night of sex. Nothing more, nothing less. Instead, he gets a gorgeous jinn convinced it is her duty to kill him. He can certainly think of better things to do with her soft hands than murder. He need only convince her of that…

Can the fire sparked when these beings collide be controlled, or will it consume their world as they know it?
She’d accomplished nothing at all.
A weight sank beside her on the bed, and she shrieked. She darted a glance at the door, but it remained locked. Of course it did— portals didn’t hold back demons.
“Good punch.” He laughed and rubbed his nose. “Some men might hold a grudge—but not me. I heal too fast.”
Indeed he did. A glance at his face revealed features as gorgeous as ever. This sucked for the self-pity party she’d been trying to throw.
She preferred him bloody and not so devilishly striking.
She groaned and dropped her head into her hands. “Why won’t you just leave?” He caressed her arm in a lazy, seductive way, and she shivered. “Stop that.”
His hand stopped moving, but he didn’t remove it. “Why do I have to stop?” he murmured. “Why do I have to leave?” He traced an invisible path leading up to her shoulder. From there, he grasped a curl and twirled it between his fingers, as if testing its elasticity. Her scalp tingled at his tender tug, and a jolt of lightning shot straight to her stomach, causing her to bite back a moan.
“Because….” She lifted her head, and turned to face him.
His eyes were so blue they were nearly purple, which, combined with his light blond hair, made him a lethal opponent indeed. How could she resist such a gorgeous creature, knowing that it might be her last chance to rid herself of her virginity? Yet, how could she say yes? “Because you are half demon, and I am a jinn. We are adversaries, you and I.”
“I’m not an evil demi-sanguine,” he assured her calmly. “I don’t rape, kill, or pillage. I’m unremarkably human—plus a few small details. But you are hardly normal yourself,” he drawled with a lazy grin. “And I’d like to make love to you.”
Buy links:
About the Author:
Diane Alberts current contracted works with Entangled Publishing are:  ON ONE CONDITION (February 2012, Ever After line), and DIVINELY RUINED (April 2012, Ever After line). Her current works with Decadent Publishing are: KILL ME TOMORROW (October 2011, 1Night Stand series),  RECLAIMED (December 2011), ABSOLUTION (March 2012, Honor Guard series), BROKEN (March 2012, 1NightStand series), and ESCAPE TO ME (TBA, 1NightStand series).
Diane Alberts has always been a dreamer and had a vivid imagination, but it wasn’t until 2011 that she put her pen where her brain was, and became a published author.  Since receiving her first contract offer, she has yet to stop writing. Though she lives in the mountains, she really wishes she was surrounded by a hot, sunny beach with crystal clear water. She lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with her four kids, a husband, a bird named Nemo, and two clown fish named Blue and Jewel.
She is a multi-published, bestselling author with Entangled Publishing and Decadent Publishing. She is repped by her fabulous agent, Lauren Hammond of ADA Management. She has, as of this date, two books contracted with Entangled Publishing, and five books with Decadent Publishing. Her February release with Entangled Publishing, ON ONE CONDITION, hit #18 on the Barnes and Noble Bestseller List. She has a lot of projects currently being shopped around by her fabulous agent, and her goal is to write so many fantastic books that even a non-romance book fan will know her name.

Much love, 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Book Spotlight: Wings of the Wicked by Courtney Allison Moulton

Life as the Preliator is harder than Ellie ever imagined.
Balancing real life with the responsibility of being Heaven’s warrior is a challenge for Ellie. Her relationship with Will has become all business, though they both long for each other. And now that the secret of who she really is has come out, so have Hell’s strongest reapers. Grown bold and more vicious, the demonic threaten her in the light of day and stalk her in the night.

She’s been warned.
Cadan, a demonic reaper, comes to her with information about Bastian’s new plan to destroy Ellie’s soul and use an ancient relic to wake all the souls of the damned and unleash them upon humanity. As she fights to stay ahead of Bastian’s schemes , the revelations about those closest to her awaken a dark power within Ellie that threatens to destroy everything—including herself.

She’ll be betrayed.
Treachery comes even from those whom she loves, and Ellie is broken by the deaths of those who stood beside her in this Heavenly war. Still, she must find a way to save the world, herself, and her love for Will. If she fails, there will be hell to pay

From goodreads.com

Wings of the Wicked starts out where Angelfire left off, with Ellie and Will kicking some demonic reaper butt. Ellie is still trying to come to terms with the fact that she’s more than just a girl, and Will is still there by her side even though they can’t be together. There is so much that goes on in this book right off the bat. We meet some interesting characters, while we continue to love those that are already familiar to us. 

Ellie is working hard at being the Preilator and a normal girl. Her need to be part of the human world is a constant struggle throughout the book, but she never gives up on her human side. Will is always there (serious swoonage here), despite the pain of not being able to be with Ellie as more then just her Guardian. We find out things about Will that let us see a little more into what kind of a man he is. His determination to make sure Ellie is happy is something that takes my breath away every time. His sweetness is mixed with his ruthlessness, makes him the perfect match. 
Nathaniel and Lauren are two of my favorite characters. They bring a sense of normalcy to Ellie’s world, despite the fact that they are anything but normal. Cadan is also a big part of Ellie’s life and I liked watching him develop as a character. He definitely brings a little something something to the story. :-D
The storyline develops with full blown action and secrets you weren’t expecting. There are part of the book that made me sigh in happiness and cry in anger. Courtney created a story that is full of imagination, excitement, and most of all love. 
I read Angelfire as an ARC and I instantly fell in love with the story. All the expectations I might’ve had about book two were delivered, and then some. I can’t wait to find out what happens next! Wings of the Wicked is out now! Get it, read it, love it! 
Special thanks to Stacey at (http://www.pageturnersblog.com/#axzz1sEQdFLw3)  for the awesome chance to read the book and be part of the tour! 
Have you read it? What are your thoughts?

Much love, 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

In My Mailbox #35: The One With All the Ebooks

Hello darlings, 
So I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I've been sick/super busy with work lately. Still adjusting to my new shift. But here is this weeks IMM because I love you all! :-)

I received one physical book this week as part of a blog tour run by Around the World ARC Tours (THANKS!).

That is all for me! Have lots of reading to do, that's for sure! The names of the books link back to goodreads pages, in case anyone is interested!

What's in your mailbox?

Much love, 

Friday, April 6, 2012

In My Mailbox #34: The One Where I Went to the Library!

Hello darlings,
Welcome to In My Mailbox!!!

Special thanks to: 
Rebecca at http://www.rebeccabehrens.com/ 
Farrah at http://farrahpenn.com 
My local library :-) 

What is in your mailbox? 

Happy reading, 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lucky Seven (Writing) Meme!

Can you believe it? I’m actually participating! This is because I can’t say no to the fabulous Farrah Penn. If you don’t follow her, you should! She’s amazing! And her Lucky Seven is Awesome!!
Here are the rules for the Lucky Seven Meme:
*Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP 
*Go to line 7 
*Copy down the next 7 lines (sentences or paragraphs) and post them exactly as they're written. No cheating. 
*Tag 7 authors 
*Let them know
My Seven
I can't comprehend the changes brewing within me. In the past few days, I have made too many trips down memory lane, too many decisions that involve him. I trust him like I've never trusted anyone before. Being with him is changing me, making me more... human. Its terrifying, thrilling, unbelievable. I don't know what to do or what to feel. But when I stop to think about it, the question still remains: can I afford to be human? 

*Note: if you’ve already been tagged (and I missed it) I apologize!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Super Special Cover Reveal for Simplicity!!!

Hello lovelies, 
Did you see that title? Did you? You know what that means right? It means my first book Simplicity has a new face, new clothes, new whatever you'd like to call it and I LOVE it!!! A bunch of wonderful bloggers/friends are also hosting the cover on their blog and I want to publicly thank them for being so AMAZING! 
Now, would you like to see it?

Would you?

Are you sure??


Okay, okay don't hurt me! 


Here it is!!!

Driven, beautiful Alexis Sinclair lives her life to the fullest, following her dreams of running a big company. But when her world is torn apart by a storm, everything she has ever known disappears. Now, marooned on an island with a group of men, Alexis must learn to live in a world made up of simple things. Letting go of every known convenience, she realizes how insignificant her life has become. Filled with unrequited love for her rescuer she must battle the demons buried deep inside and she must look within herself and to her faith to find the strength needed to survive. Strong and influential, Jacob Peterson, has done all he can to survive. When the fate turned its tables on him, he learned to cope with the inevitable. Plagued by his past and secrets buried there, Jacob exerts a rigid control, refusing to succumb to the joys, and torturous pain, of strong emotions. Without considering love-a gift he may never receive, he believes--he chooses to live by strict set of rules. But when a strange beautiful woman washes up on his beach, the walls that he has put up long ago begin to crumble. Is she a punishment sent from God to torment his weary soul? Or is she a gift, sent from above, there to teach him how to trust? Who is this woman? And how will he stop himself from losing his heart? Will he learn to forgive the past in order to save the woman he loves?

What do you think? Are you excited? I'm excited! 

Much love,