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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Falling by Design (Excerpt #2)

Hello lovelies, 

Can you believe it it's less than TWO WEEKS before Falling by Design is out in the world? Yeah, me neither. In the last teaser, you met Brooklynn and Dakota. Well, today, I bring you Grayson. Are you ready? 

He watches me, his eyes shining in the bright light of the diner. 
I squirm in my seat, unsure what to do with myself. My hands move from my lap to the table and back to the lap again. I shift left then right then left. I'm like a kid at her first adult church service who hasn’t learned how to sit still yet. I'm about to start climbing on chairs or coloring on the table. Grayson continues to stare, his fingers running over the ever present camera, now placed on top of the table, not exactly helping the situation any. Finally, as if unable to help it, he snaps a picture.
"Do you mind?" I hiss across the table, trying to keep my voice down. Grayson blinks at me. 
"Finally, a genuine reaction. I was beginning to think you've sold your heart on the black market." He's baiting me. I can see that plain as day. I should be the mature one and just let it go, but I can't help it. I rise to the challenge. 
"Is that what happened to yours? Did you bargain away your manners and common sense as well?" I take him by surprise with my words and his smirk freezes.

Grayson and Brooklynn ladies and gentlemen. 

12 DAYS and counting!!!! Ah!

Don't forget to add Falling by Design on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20871808-falling-by-design

And if you'd like to pre-order it on Smashwords, you can: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/411119

Much love, 


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Falling by Design (Excerpt #1)

     Hello lovelies, 

     I know you are all freaking out over the fantastic releases of today. I mean White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout and Fire and Blood by Victoria Scott?? In the same day? That's a lot to take in. (Also, I'm missing just a few releases, but yay for them as well). 

     So while you're taking it all in, I decided I'll throw some more logs on the fire and share my first ever excerpt from Falling by Design. I wanted to share some Brooklynn/Dakota love because I adore these two and their friendship. I know you all been patiently waiting so here it is! 

 "So, Grayson is back," she states popping up on the other side of the rack and I stifle a yell. She grins, her beautiful face shining with excitement.
"I feel like we had this conversation already," I reply sidestepping her. 
"Brooklynn, Grayson is back."
"I know Dakota. He body slammed me with his car door. " I pull hangers off the rack, studying the clothes, before picking out a new favorite and placing it back in front of the display. “Don’t worry about it. I’m fine.”
"Oh, I know you're fine." Dakota waves her arms in the air. "You told me a few times since I've asked. But you know who else is fine? Grayson."
"Dakota," I turn to her exasperated, "where exactly is this going?"
"Nowhere," she smiles innocently, running her hands over the sheer bathing suit cover up in front of her.
"Dakota." My voice carries a tad of warning. 
"Oh fine," she replies turning her full attention to me. "I just find it interesting how much he's flirting with you."
"He's not flirting."
"Is too."
"Is not. And stop that, we're not seven," I say, grabbing fabric out of her hands and placing it back on the rack. 
"Brooklynn, I'm serious here. Do you not notice my serious face?" She points at herself with mock determination. "The boy has been watching you all day." 

Ah! Guys, it's only 14 days till Falling by Design is free in the world. That's two weeks. 14 DAYS!!!!!! 
By the way, I have some exciting things in store for you during release week, so make sure to keep your eyes open.  

Don't forget to add my book on goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20871808-falling-by-design

And it's available to pre-order on Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/411119

Much love, 


Monday, February 24, 2014

#WriterRecharge Update 3.0!

Hello darlings!

Here we are with another Writer Recharge update! I can't believe that we only have one more week left in February! Where does the time go? 
This week was another hectic week for me. I accomplished much, but also didn't accomplish as much as I wanted to. Here's my progress report:

     1. The cover reveal for my YA Contemporary romance went live this week. I'm beyond excited to share this book with the world and I can now say that it will be released on March 12th! That is mere 15 days away. 

     You can add my book on goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20871808-falling-by-design
     And pre-order it on Smashwords if you'd like: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/411119

     2. I have finalized my ebook and paperback formatting (which by the way took two days to do) and am now waiting to hit that publish button. 

     3. I contacted people regarding blog tour and am super excited to get this underway. I have also ordered prizes for release week giveaway. Definitely be on the lookout for that!

     4. And finally, I've wrote about 3K this week and outlined a new idea. Well, roughly outlined since I really don't outline. I wanted more words under my belt, but I have too much outside work to do!

  As you can tell, I'm staying busy. The goals for this week are a little less intimidating. 

     Write 5K this week. Finish setting up giveaway. Finalize book stuff. 

      Also, I'm planning on posting teasers this week, so be on the lookout for that! 

  How are you doing? What are your goals for this last week of February? Let me know in the comments below. 

  I seriously had so much fun connecting with everyone! Have a great week!

  Much love, 


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cover & Synopsis Reveal: Falling by Design by Valia Lind

   Hello lovelies, 

   Did you see that title?? Are you ready to see my beautiful wonderful cover??? What about the synopsis? Good! Because I am way beyond ready to share it with you. 


   How about now?

   And now???

   Okay, okay. Here it is!!!!


   Drum roll please....


Brooklynn Summers has a plan for her life: graduate from high school, get into a top fashion school, prove to her family that she’s not a failure. She wishes someone in her life understood her need to create because her parents sure don’t support her dreams, her sister hates her, and the deadlines are soon approaching. 

Enter Grayson Banks. 

There are a few things in life Brooklynn can’t stand: mismatched patterns, cheap polyester, and Grayson. No boy has ever publicly humiliated Brooklynn like Grayson has. When he suddenly moved away in eighth grade, Brooklynn happily wished him good riddance. But on the first day of senior year, Grayson comes back, with his piercing blue eyes and a smile that melts icebergs, he is not exactly the boy Brooklynn remembers. She quickly realizes that Grayson’s intentions have completely shifted, but she’s not sure if she can put their past behind her.

Grayson understands Brooklynn’s creative ambitions and he devises a plan to showcase her work to the world. When the two agree to work together, suddenly, there is more than just fabric paint that’s having a chemical reaction to its environment. Brooklynn cannot help but feel pulled into Grayson’s arms, but memories and misunderstandings surface, putting in danger whatever small comradeship these two childhood enemies have constructed. 

Can Brooklynn overcome her own insecurities, finally making her dreams come true? Even a dream she didn’t know she had.

Official release date: March 12, 2014

   What do you think? Do you love it? Because I LOVE it!!! Regina at Mae I Designs did an absolutely fantastic job at capturing what I wanted for the story.  

   Now, for the full jacket. 

   Basically, I cannot get over how wonderful this cover is! I'm so beyond excited to share this book with you. 
Now, if you'd be so kind, please follow the links and spread the word! I'd heart you forever and ever!!

   Be on the lookout for teasers, blog tour, and giveaways!! I have awesome things in store for you! Thank you so so much for all your love and support!

Much love, 


Monday, February 17, 2014

#WriterRecharge Update!

   Hello lovelies, 

   So, as many of you know, I took a little break from writing last week. My family suffered another loss and I couldn't really wrap my mind around any kind of work.
But now I am back. 

   I needed to get back to work, to get back to being busy. Now that my mind is functioning a little again.

   Today is February 17. I've had a good two weeks to work on my goals and here is my progress so far:

     1. I have reached 10K on one project and about 2K on the brand new one I started. It's good progress and if I keep up with the pace (before my little break) I can hit 25K by the end of the month. 

     2. On the publishing side of things, my cover reveal is this Wednesday, February 19th (que freak out). I am so beyond excited to share my book with everyone I can't even. After the reveal, I'm planning on sharing some teasers from the book before the final release. 
(You can add my book on goodreads if you'd like :) https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20427616-falling-by-design )

     3. Also on the publishing side of things, I've finally finalized my print and ebook formatting, which basically took me a a day to do. Each. My print copy is on its way to be proofed by me now and I can't wait to hold the finished product in my hands. 

Now for the goals for the coming week:

     1. Write at least 1K each day next week. This is not much, and I'm probably not going to hit my monthly goal, but it's progress.

     2. Promotion, promotion, promotion. I have posts to write and people to email and giveaways to set up. I'll be a busy bee that's for sure. 

     3. Film some videos. This goes under promotion, but it's such a big undertaking for me, I had to include it into a different category. 

   Well, that is all for me. How are you doing on your February goals? Let me know in the links below.   

   Much love, 


Thursday, February 6, 2014

On reorganizing your life...and bookshelves

Hello lovelies, 

   You all know I have a book coming out (if I haven't freaked out over that enough). As the date looms closer, I keep rethinking over everything I've done up to this point. 

   Will it be enough? 
   Did I write the best book I could've? 
   Are decisions I'm making what they need to be? 
   It's stressful.

   I know I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. Some of you have published, so you know. Some of you have read hundredths of posts from those who have published, so you know. 
I definitely fall into the post reading category. I need all the knowledge I can get. I love the fact that there are so many resources out there and if you take your time in researching them out, you can gleam some helpful insights. 

(Side note: I've seen my working cover and OMW IT'S BEAUTIFUL)

   But while I'm doing all of that researching and planning, I realized that I've been neglecting myself a little bit. I know, big shocker there, right? An author (or any individual really) who's making big changes in his or her life actually concentrating more on the project than on themselves? Oh the horrors. 

Well, maybe not horrors, but you know what I mean. So while I'm working hard at this huge endeavor, I decided to reorganize some things in my life. 

     1. My bookshelf.
              I know this doesn't seem like much to some people, but my shelves were a mess. I honestly think it added to the stress level, every time I came into my little office to work. So the other day, I took four hours away from my craft and made my shelves pretty. I cannot tell you how cathartic it was. Surprisingly so. But look how pretty they are now! 

     2. My TBR. 
              This goes along the lines of my bookshelf reorganization. I needed to reevaluate which books I wanted to read versus those I felt like I had to. The thing is, it really helped to put things in perspective. I also am participating (kind of) in the #AYearAThon on YouTube. Which means, right now, I'm working my way through Harry Potter. For the first time. GASP. I know. 
               Here are just some of the books on my list for this month. 

     3. My writing goals. 
               This is obviously a huge one for me. As part of #WriterRecharge, I decided to give myself a 2K goal for each day. 1K for one project and 1K for the other. It may not be a lot for some, but with all the pre-publishing crazy, this is a huge goal for me. 

     4. My blog. 
                This is kind of where this post comes into play. I have some unfinished pages on this website and I really want to utilize it to the best of my ability. So, I decided to finally update some things on here. One of the main ones is the FAQ's page. This is where you come in. 
If you guys have any questions for me, leave them below and I'll post them on my website. 

   Well, that's it for now. I feel like I've rambled on long enough. How is everyone doing? If you're interested in participating in the cover reveal, you still have time to sign up: http://valialind.blogspot.com/2014/01/cover-reveal-sign-up.html 



Monday, February 3, 2014

Writer Recharge 2014!!!

Hey lovelies, 

So it's February already. Oh wow. Let me tell you, I'm all over the place.
     The whole publishing business is crazy. Like I'm running around trying to to lose my head crazy. It's a good thing. It is. :) 
     Needless to say, I saw this challenge and I figured I need to participate. I love being part of this encouraging community. 
     So here's what's up. 

Writer Recharge 2014
Hosts and cheerleaders:
  • First week of February: Post your goals for the month on your blog, website, or Twitter. Use the hashtag #WriterRecharge. Link your blog post at sarabiren.com.
  • Every Monday in February: Update your progress via your blog or twitter. Link your blog posts at Sara’s Monday posts.
  • Throughout the month: Use the hashtag to connect with other writers, have writing parties, and cheer one another on!
  • February 28: Post your final update via your blog or twitter.
  • Anyone who uses the hashtag or links their blog posts will be entered to win one of five query or 3-chapter critiques.

Fun right?

My personal goals...

     I have started two secret squirrel projects at the end of January, so this months I'd like to hit at least 25% on both of them. It may not seem like much, but having 25% on paper will help me solidify the stories enough so that I can figure out where to go from there. One of the books will need to be written faster than the other. Book two is more of a sanity project, but I still want to have a good amount on paper. 
     The other side of this is my YA Contemporary which is being published in March. I have a lot of promotional stuff to do, cover reveal, and such. So basically, I'll be busy. Also, if you guys would like to be part of the cover reveal, I'd heart you forever!! http://valialind.blogspot.com/2014/01/cover-reveal-sign-up.html

     Any writers out there? Who's ready for a Writer Recharge Party? Let me know if you're participating! I'd love to meet some of you! 

Much love,