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Saturday, June 4, 2011

IMM #4

I got a scary face!!!! HAHA!
Excuse my use of the word Awesome in this video! It was just....awesome! :-)

What's in your mailbox???

Happy reading,


Brett @ Demons Read Too said...

I went out on a whim and grabbed Girl in the Steel Corset this week. Can't wait to get onto it.

Here's my IMM for the week

Jessica's Bookshelf said...

LOVE LOVE LOVED The Uglies series too. I need to get Leviathon. Enjoy your e-reader! :)


Marie said...

Hi i'm a new follower :).

You got some great books this week !
I really want to read the girl in the steel corset ! I discovered steampunk a few months ago and I love this genre now !

Happy reading !

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh, I looooooove Once a Witch!! I haven't read the sequel yet, but the first one was really good.

Just started following :)

I've been hearing a lot about Girl in the Steel Corset, but haven't checked it yet. I also really liked the Wicked Lovely Series.

You got some great books this week :) Here are the ones I got: http://www.abouttoread.com/2011/06/whats-in-my-mailbox-bea-2011.html

Misty said...

I need to pick up Behemoth, I really enjoyed Leviathan. My biggest advice going in is to adjust your perceptions of it. It's almost more middle grade, it reads really youngish, and when I started it I was so startled and unprepared for that that I actually had to put it down. But once I'd adjusted and picked it back up, I ended up loving it.

Alison said...

Great set! I loved Once A Witch.

A Beautiful Madness said...

Girl in the Steel Corset sounds really good. I loved Once a Witch and Lipstick Laws. Hope you like them too!


A Backwards Story said...

Congrats on your loot this week! I still have to read my ARCs of ONCE A WITCH and STEEL CORSET. Amy Holder is coming to sign near me soon! Yay :) Must read LIPSTICK LAWS ASAP...

Congrats on your ereader! I mostly use mine for netgalley and ebooks as well!